200ml Spray Bottle of Sanitizer


This little bottle is so versatile, i will attempt to list below as many applications as i can imagine.

We produce 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 1lt, 5lt, 20lt and 25lt. So you can buy bulk and decant when needed.

Use to refill little sprayers, or include in water dilution to make suspect water potable, or include in washing liquid to disinfect an entire host of surfaces or items.

The list that follows is lengthy but it will help most of us who struggle with a vivid imagination to see the full potential of this astoundingly efficacious product made from natural water and salt. It is entirely harmless and has thousands of approvals world wide. See the Technology page for greater details.


ANOTIZE can be added to Ultra-Sonic humidifiers to sanitise the air and your lungs. Dilute by ten percent, 100ml ANOTIZE to 1lt of water.

Find a good unit to have in your bedroom or office, it will fog the room with the most powerful anti-virus killer on the planet.

Go to bed with this unit running and experience healing while  you sleep.

This is a Vicks Cool Mist Ultra-Sonic Humidifier i bought from Dischem for about R1020. It really performs superbly and does not leak of leave your surfaces wet.

Have one in your office while you work, or have it in the toilet, it kills odours, and why not while you sit watching TV.

Great for respiratory conditions, even severe cases.

Spray Bottle of Sanitizer

SANITIZE your hands with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE hand sanitiser does more than just kill germs, it kills viruses the kind of viruses that have the whole world in a tizz.

Wash your hands thoroughly and dry, then spray ANOTIZE liberally into  your hands and rub all over. do not dry but let it dry naturally. SAFE!

Virus killing non alcoholic santizer

SANITIZE your masks with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE should be used to spray the inside and the outside of your mask.

This will greatly enhance your protection against airborne pathogens.

Simply open your mask, hold in the palm of one hand whilst you lightly spray a mist over the inside and repeat for the outside, then place on your face.

Yes, it will feel a little damp to start with but that's great, no problem!

Breathing the effects of ECA into your lungs will also act on the health of your lungs and provide anti-viral protection.

Click Here: Face MaskTemplate to download the Face Mask Template

Click Here: Face Mask Tutorial to download the Face Mask Tutorial

SANITIZE your masks with ANOTIZE

SANITIZE your masks with ANOTIZE

Sanitise your toilet

SANITIZE your toilet with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your toilet seats and other surfaces to keep them from passing on germs or viruses.

ANOTIZE also helps with odour.

Wipe down your mirrors and tlles with ANOTIZE to prevent or kill mildew.


Sanitize your armpits

SANITIZE your armpits with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your armpits, it is a wonderful deodorant, sanitiser and can be used for jock itch or intimate areas, good for fungus and athlete's foot.

SANITIZE hair and scalp with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your hair and scalp for dandruff or other irritations, it has a great healing effect on the skin.

Sanitize your wounds to help heal them

SANITIZE your wounds with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE injuries, or open wounds, amazing healing of large open wounds caused by diabetes or other injuries.

Remember, ANOTIZE is the equivalent of white blood cells and fights pathogens and causes healing. Look it up on Google ECA water for wounds and be prepared to be blown away.

Yes, i know it took a long time for me to appreciate the extensive reach of the power of ECA water!!!

Sanitize your pets to help keep them safe

SANITIZE your pets with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your pets, any injuries or infections, whether in the ear, or from scratching etc.

Treat them for fleas or mange or insect bites etc.

These are our loyal friends, do right by them, they depend on you to do the right thing!!!

Always keep ANOTIZE handy in case they need your help!

Sanitize your cooking utensils

SANITIZE your boards with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your cutting board, it is a harbourer of germs and bacteria that leads to all kinds of sicknesses.

Cutting boards are dangerous, they need to be sanitised besides being washed well, after washing, when they are dry, spray ANOTIZE onto your board to keep it from making you or your loved ones sick!!!

Sanitize your steering wheel

SANITIZE your steering wheel with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your steering wheel, you will be horrified at the filth that accumulates on your steering wheel, think about what you touch, or pick, or eat and then keep driving?

To keep safe, use ANOTIZE on your cars steering wheel, really!

Sanitize your throat to keep you virus free

SANITIZE your throat with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your throat, yes, dilute with water by 5% or 50ml to 1lt of water will make an amazingly powerful gargle to fight throat infections.

Keep your mouth bacteria free

SANITIZE your teeth with ANOTIZE

ANOTIZE your teeth, if you have toothache or have been to the dentist for problems in your mouth, ANOTIZE will help unbelievably quickly to heal and disinfect the area.

Sanitise your money


ANOTIZE your dirty money, do you know if the notes and coins you have just received from someone, whether a friend or the bank or the shop till operator is clean and healthy?

This virus stays on surfaces for up to 9 days, make sure you sanitize your money!

Money laundering is now legal with ANOTIZE