Is this product approved or tested scientifically?

Yes, in fact, there are so many approvals and scientific test results and white papers written on this product known as ECA Water, that there is not enough space on this website to list them all.

Suffice it to say, we will include some of these approvals and we will then make a shortish list of links to scores of articles which  you can peruse until you, like me, will become a total believer in the amazing power of this outstanding sanitizer and disinfectant.


What documented cases are there to prove that ECA Water is legitimate?

Below we have uploaded some documents to peruse.

You are also encouraged to search Google for ECA water and enjoy the myriad of orticles posted on the internet world wide.

Please note that although these articles are the short introductions, (because of space limitations) you can get the full reports on the internet by following the keywords in each article.

NOTE: The various brand names mentioned in these articles refer to ECA Water as one and the same thing.